Hawthorne Series


The Hawthorne Series

Fall / Winter 2010

No Longer Available For Purchase


The Hawthorne Series is a set of three furniture pieces designed at Frontgate for the home office. It includes a Charging Station, a Laptop Stand, and a Desk Organizer. All three were released in October of 2010, were available for purchase and have been highly rated by customers.

The charging station utilized a new form of charging technology that provided surge protection and connections for up to 4 devices at once while keeping a small footprint. By using a simple construction, the design also accounted for using future charging cables, should the existing ones become obsolete. The visual theme of this piece (and all pieces in the series) took inspiration from vintage steamer trunks, with their brass hardware and use of leather to improve durability. The goal was that all materials (the mahogany, the brass fixtures, and the leather) would patina nicely, as to remain in use for decades.

The rolltop desk organizer focused on highlighting the ritual of hand-written correspondence as well as organizing stationery items in the office environment. A unique challenge with that piece was the creation of the rolltop mechanism. The mechanism itself required a certain amount of space to be reserved while still allowing for the proper form and function of the piece. Original attempts of this concept were rather large for a desk environment. However, I was able to keep the size large enough to function, while being small enough to not dominate the office space.

The laptop stand follows the style of the other two objects in the set, and tries to balance a classic look with modern technology. It was designed to fit a wide range of laptops, up to 17". The challenge with this stand was to create an elegant mechanism to allow the stand to be adjustable, from elevated to completely flat. Using a brass plate and simple notches in the wood I was able to keep the mechanism simple, reliable, and elegant.