"Give Thanks" In-Progress

"Give Thanks" // © 2012 - Brandon Leedy

Thought I'd give a little peek at the beginning of a poster I'm doing for Thanksgiving. I'm currently taking this sketch and a slew of ornamentation detail sketches into Illustrator. This poster is going to be much more than just letters. Needless to say, I've got some fun details planned. 

"Give Thanks"  - A simple message conveyed directly. As the largest consumer season approaches amidst these rough economic times, we can all use the reminder of how wonderful many of us have it. In the holiday rush, mindfulness of the situation of those less fortunate can be a good way to ground oneself in all the chaos. I am truly blessed to be in a profession that lets me create for a living and add some beauty to the world. So if an action beyond monetary charity, such as passing on a notion, is something I -can- do, then it is certainly something I -will- do.

If you would also like to contribute to those this season who will be going without, such as the victims of Superstorm Sandy, please donate to the American Red Cross