Turkey Reduction

"Turkey Reduction" // © 2012 - Brandon Leedy

I boiled a turkey illustration down and got six shapes. That's all that it took! Just thought I'd share this bird who's ready for big screen-printing, newsprint, or even a small stamp. Thankfully, when trimming this turkey to its simplest forms, the inherent playfulness wasn't lost. That's most likely due to the soft radiuses and comfortable spaces between the shapes, which give it a retro/Charley Harper sort of vibe.

I think there's an important lesson to learn when doing an exercise like this: minimalism for it's own sake isn't always better, it's just less. To successfully reduce something, you don't only make cuts. You need to get into the smallest, most important details that remain and finesse the hell out of them until they're perfect. "Less is more" only works if you put in more and end up with less.

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