Seasonal Work

"Straight Turkey" // © 2012 - Brandon Leedy

MEANWHILE IN THE STUDIO: Seasonal work is moving right along and I'm thankful that I can share some of it with you while in the middle of the process. This here turkey is just a simple take, flat-designed to work at any scale. Before this concept heads out the door, there might be some texture added on... but I hesitate to break up this little guy's simplicity, ya know?

PS. Have any of you ever really looked at turkeys? Go google one of those bad boys, they're a real sight (and look nothing like our industry would lead you to believe in its cutesy Thanksgiving marketing). Downright terrifying some of 'em. So a big thank you goes out to all the turkey farmers (especially the humane ones!) for taking care of the flocks till turkey day.

Anyways, I'm happy to be messing around with some fun, seasonal illustration. More to come this month and the next, that's for sure.