Lights By The Strand

"3 Lights" // © 2012 - Brandon Leedy

"3 Lights" // © 2012 - Brandon Leedy

It's December 3rd and today's illustration reminds you that there's still time to put up those Christmas lights. Plus, if you live in Cincinnati, our sunny 70 degree days would be perfect for getting those decorations out without hassle (albeit they'll seem a bit out of place until the temperature drops). 

As for today's Christmas fun, I've got 3 classic Christmas commercials:

First, a commercial before my time but memorable nonetheless, Santa Claus on the Norelco Razor.

Next, a classic I remember from my childhood, although they have run it for years. It was so successful that they filmed a sequel to this commercial in the 2000s. This one is from Folger's Coffee, "Peter Comes Home For Christmas."

Finally, an ad I remember from my childhood fondly, which was mainly because of the Cool Spot. Maybe I'm the only one who remembers it, but the 7up Cool Spot was rad... and this commercial with him driving the toy fire truck was one of the most memorable Christmas ads for me. Maybe you remember it too?