Until The Quiet Comes LP


I picked up the recent Flying Lotus LP, "Until The Quiet Comes" on vinyl today. During my many listens, I took the photos above. Using ghostly photography, semi-opaque vellum liner notes, and a fantastic sans-serif typeface, the packaging matches the listening experience perfectly.

For those unfamiliar with Flying Lotus, I would say his tracks rest somewhere in a beautiful space between Jazz and Electronic music. His previous works (Cosmogramma, Los Angeles, etc.) are fantastic and well worth the listen. But I would say this LP is a great jumping-on point for any new listeners. Until The Quiet Comes is vibrant, much like LP photography, cutting clearly through darker surrounding tones. Also, getting this on vinyl is a must if you can afford it. The MP3s (gratefully included as a free download with the vinyl) are great, but just don't do the subtleties and depth of this album justice. It truly sounds incredible and I cannot recommend it highly enough.