1991 Nintendo Training Video

While browsing Youtube, I found this training video Nintendo released for electronics stores in 1991. It features a Kevin Bacon look-a-like and a bunch of crazy instances where people have broken their Nintendo, spilled soda on it or are just confused. Between the bad acting and announcer condescension, it's amazing and hilarious.

Highlights of the video to look for:

- A nerd who returns a Game Boy because of a "BAD EPROM"... the store clerk figures it out though.
- The exchange: "Plug it into number 1, because if you put it into number 2... it won't... work." "...could I bring you a pie later?"
- Announcer: "...an excellent track record for a high quality product." [PANS OVER VAST NINTENDO PRODUCTS... some of which seem fake? NES Satellite?]
- Announcer: "What are you supposed to do? YOU'RE NOT A NINTENDO MECHANIC, you're a customer service specialist!" [Shows room of guys in red jackets with pieces of Game Boys, presumably Nintendo Mechanics.]
- The Nintendo Cleaning Kit makes an appearance! (Or you could just blow on the cartridge, duh.)
- Authorized Nintendo Service Centers? "Nothing could be easier, nothing could be more convenient!... foolproof, and just about effortless." [Holds up giant "training kit" binder.]

Pretty great right? If you like the absurdity of that training video, I put together a playlist of other insane training videos, mostly from the 80's and 90's here on youtube. If you do follow the link, I recommend you definitely check out the Wendy's video that sings about their chili, and the creepy Blockbuster training video with an all-knowing hallucination known as "Buster" that helps employees. It's unbelievable and hilarious.