Google Street View Hyperlapse

Have you ever been using Google Street View and think, "I wish this were animated." Or have you ever found yourself clicking along a particularly beautiful street view? Well this Teehan+Lax Labs Experiment takes advantage of just such occasions. Google Street View Hyperlapse strings together frames of Google Street View into a looping animation focused on a single point. If you follow the link, you'll see a hyperlapse I made of Cincinnati's Roebling Bridge overlooking the Ohio River. You can then make your own hyperlapse by adding new addresses and a point of interest. Tips: Shorter routes makes a more fluid animation — I tried a long drive and it cuts frames to compensate, not to mention takes a while to load. Also, choosing a good point of interest is important as it determines the direction of the camera during the animation. Have fun, I spent almost half an hour doing sweeps of different locales.