Our National Parks

"America's national parks are a treasure house of nature's superlatives – 84 million acres of the most stunning landscapes anyone has ever seen. They became the last refuge for magnificent species of animals that otherwise would have vanished forever; today, they remain a refuge for human beings seeking to replenish their spirit.
The national parks embody a radical idea, as uniquely American as the Declaration of Independence, born in the United States nearly a century after its creation. It is a truly democratic idea, that the magnificent natural wonders of the land should be available not to a privileged few, but to everyone."

A photo taken by me, deep in an "old growth" area of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

As summer settles in, remember to visit our National Parks if you have the chance. If you don't have that chance, then can I implore you to check out Ken Burns' "The National Parks" series? You can find it on Netflix Instant and Amazon Prime Streaming, and it is more than well worth it. It's inspiring, majestic, and beautifully done. If after that experience, you aren't at least motivated to donate a few dollars to the National Park Foundation, then you might need your heart examined.